Joseph Tipay Art

My work deals with mass incarceration, the prison industrial complex, the school-to-prison pipeline, and intergenerational incarceration. The war on drugs and tough-on-crime laws left me separated from my father for most of my life. Many of my family members and friends were, or still are, currently incarcerated. My work also gives an intimate view of an often challenging subject. I show an unbreakable bond, unconditional love, healing, hope, concern, and compassion.

Printmaking is a traditional medium adopted by Latinx, Mexican, and Chicanx artists/activists, and it allows communication to a large audience through the production of multiples. I continue this tradition by making large-scale woodcuts. I’m taking something stiff and rigid with the woodcut technique and transforming it into something beautiful. These are qualities that my subjects share as well. It is a challenging subject brought into a different light.